An Earth Day Tribute Celebrating Her Greatest Resource

An Earth Day Tribute Celebrating Her Greatest Resource

In 1969, peace activist John McConnell, at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, proposed a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace. A year later, on April 22, 1970, Earth Day was established, marking the first time communities demonstrated support for environmental protection. Today, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this monumental day in history where more than 193 countries will spread sustainable efforts across communities worldwide.

At Butte Brand, Earth Day not only brings peace, conservation, and sustainable efforts, but it brings a culture of gratitude and enforces the pride of giving back to those in need. Now, more than ever before, we need to protect our Earth and enable the people that strive to protect it.

In 2020, we partnered with Waterboys, an initiative of the Chris Long Foundation and WorldServe International, on a mission to provide clean, accessible drinking water to people in need throughout the world. Our goal within this partnership, and the overarching mission of the Butte Brand Project, in particular, is to make a difference and bring social, economical, environmental and sustainable efforts to communities worldwide.

On this Earth Day, we're celebrating water -- the Earth's most precious resource. "Water has no substitute and particularly clean, safe water," WorldServe International Tanzania said in a recent press release. "In this worldwide campaign to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, the critical role of clean, safe wate rhas been emphasized ... we have made a preemptive difference and saved lives by providing clean water where it's much needed.

Butte Brand believes that Earth Day is not only a celebration to bring new into the world, but to conserve what we have and work with communities to take small steps to make an impactful difference in Earth’s celebration.

With that said, consider taking small efforts to cut back on Earth’s top commodity and conserve your water consumption. Here’s some ways to Rize Up and make small steps to a richer, brighter, more sustainable future:

  • Take less than 5 minute showers
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds with low running water
  • When doing dishes fill up one side of the sink with soapy water, other side to rinse
  • Turn the water faucet off when brushing your teeth
  • Use reusable water bottles
  • Be thankful for the water that you have.

Rize Up!