Nason Ridge

Butte Brand Project II - 2018 

Nason Ridge is many things to many people. It’s a place to hike or mountain bike in the summer. It’s a place to ski in the winter and part of a cherished natural landscape rising above Lake Wenatchee. And it’s a part of the natural balance of Lake Wenatchee, the Wenatchee River and Nason Creek. Nason Ridge is also a property that was slated for timber harvest. But now, all 3,714 acres of this beloved property will instead be conserved—permanently.

Thanks to the support of Land Trust members and the Lake Wenatchee community almost six square miles above Lake Wenatchee has now been protected for conservation. This is good news for our land and water, as well as hikers, bikers, skiers and like minded individuals!

Read more about Saving Nason Ridge on Chelan Douglas Land Trust

How Is The Butte Brand Project Giving back?  

We take pride in selecting non-profit organizations that we feel passionate about. And being passionate about something means more than just cutting a check. So on top of making a generous donation to the Chelan Douglas Land Trust, we also created marketing campaigns and organized a volunteer work-party to work on the lands that we helped protect. If your interested in volunteering for upcoming work projects feel free to email us at 

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