Our Story

Butte Brand was founded by Liz, Daniel, and Arturo Zavala within the scenic Lake Chelan Valley, a recreational hub located in North Central Washington.

Our journey began in the summer of 2016, with an idea to create a culture that encompassed our passion for environmental preservation, outdoor recreation, and adventure! After many hours of brainstorming, there was no better way to express this culture then start our very own apparel company. We sketched a rendition of the iconic Lake Chelan Butte, learned how to sew, and within that, Butte Brand was born. 

Trust us, it wasn't that simple... However, Butte Brand quickly became recognized as an outdoor apparel company, with a clear vision to give back to environmental entities both locally and globally through the The Butte Brand Project.

Today, Butte Brand is a Pacific Northwest Company, rooted in the Lake Chelan Valley, that provides universal, high quality apparel. Our mission is vast, yet simple — promote adventure, create a culture and, most importantly, lend a helping hand. 

Cheers to your next adventure!

Liz, Daniel, & Arturo Zavala