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Our Story

Butte Brand was founded by Elizabeth, Daniel and Arturo Zavala within the scenic Lake Chelan Valley, a recreational hub located in North Central Washington.

Our journey, which began in the summer of 2015, started as an idea, but quickly became a vision, and then a passion, to give back — to establish a platform that mirrored our values and allowed us the opportunity to lend a helping hand to environmental entities, both locally and globally.

The genesis of this project was to provide clean drinking water for developing countries. We developed a sleeve for hydro-flask water bottles, though logistical challenges forced us to shift our focus. We truly wanted to create a culture that fully encompassed our passion for preservation, recreation and adventure. 

As a team, we reverted back to our roots. We sketched a rendition of the indigenous silhouette of the iconic Lake Chelan Butte and within that, Butte Brand was born.

Butte Brand LLC is a Pacific Northwest Company, rooted in the Lake Chelan Valley, that provides universal, high quality headwear. Our mission is vast, yet simple — promote adventure, create a culture and, most importantly, give back.

This is Your Culture. This is Your Adventure. This is Your Brand.

Find Your Butte.

Elizabeth, Arturo, & Daniel Zavala

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