Butte Brand Project V - 2020Named for an often overlooked but integral position on any team, Waterboys Founded by Two-Time Super Bowl Champion Chris Long, unites NFL & NBA players to engage their respective fan bases in addressing the clean water crisis in East Africa.

Thus far, Waterboys has provided clean drinking water to over 300,000 people and has set a goal to provide 1 million people with access to clean drinking water worldwide by hiring local crews to drill deep borehole wells serving up to 7,500 people.

Now, it's the Butte Brand communities' turn to join the team. For every four (4) Butte Brand products sold, the Butte Brand Project will provide one (1) person with clean drinking water for decades.

Each purchase may seem like a drop in the bucket, but the ripple effect results in immeasurable benefits for the communities we serve.

The consequences of water scarcity go far beyond inadequate access to drinking water. Water scarcity limits educational, economic and agricultural opportunities and shortens life expectancy for the most vulnerable:

Children, especially girls, typically stay home to help their mothers collect water or care for the household. With clean water wells, they are able to attend school on a regular basis.

Families gain back the time they need to create and sell goods, learn new skills and partake in other income-generating activities.

Diverse crops can thrive, which families can depend on for their own food and sell for income.

Water-related diseases, which cause nearly 1 in 5 deaths of children under 5 and which are responsible for 50% of hospitalized patients, can be prevented.


Waterboys is the signature initiative of the Chris Long Foundation, and is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for clean water for communities in East Africa. Bringing together NFL players, their fans, corporate sponsors, and other charitable organizations, it works to fund the building of sustainable clean water wells through WorldServe International, the initiative’s benefiting charity.

The Chris Long Foundation is a U.S. 501c3 nonprofit organization.